19th Annual COPAA Special Education Conference

Powers Grewal is Proud to Attend the 19th Annual COPAA Special Education Conference, in Dallas, Texas (March 2-5, 2017)

The Council of Parent Advocates and Attorneys (COPAA) is a national non-profit professional organization that protects the legal and civil rights of students with disabilities and their families. This unrivaled peer-to-peer network consists of over 1840 members, including parents, families, advocates, attorneys, and experts, who collaborate on a yearly basis for a four-day conference to provide in-depth training and discussion on cutting edge issues of education law.

COPAA members work in the trenches in school districts around the country to ensure that IDEA, Section 504, the ADA, and other pivotal Federal and State laws are implemented for children with special needs. This dedicated group works tirelessly to create individualized programs for students, in order to create opportunities at life enrichment and meaningful, quality educations. The annual COPAA Conference provides a unique and unparalleled opportunity for families and special education professionals to network, to participate in a lively dialogue, to share their time and expertise with one another, and to strategize for successful special education advocacy.

The 19th annual COPAA conference in Dallas, Texas, provided key educational panels from leaders and pioneers in the education rights movement, including experts and special education attorneys who presented the following panels:

  • Child Find: Legal and Policy Developments and Litigation Strategies
  • What Special Education Attorneys and Advocates need to know about Immigration and Consequences of School Based Behaviors
  • Impact of ADD/ADHD and Executive Functioning and Equal Educational Opportunity
  • The Independent Educational Evaluation: Roadblocks to Getting a Truly Independent IEE
  • Obtaining Language Services: The Next Frontier
  • Succeeding in Manifestation Determination Reviews: A Step By Step Approach for Obtaining the Best Result for Your Client
  • The Least Restrictive Environment Continuum: An Elevator, Not a Staircase
  • Using Technology to Assist in Advocacy
  • Representing the Non-Attending Student
  • Protecting the Needs of Special Needs Children During Divorce
  • Using the School Discipline Process to Defend the Criminal Prosecution
  • The Top 40 Chart-Topping District Court Decisions of 2016
  • Creating and Implementing an Airtight Transition Plan
  • Battling Implicit Bias to Advocate for African American Students with Disabilities
  • Federal, State, and Local Efforts to Address Overly Punitive School Discipline Policies for Early Education Students
  • Revisiting Educational Methodology: The Procedural Duty to Try New and Novel Approaches
  • Putting Feed on the IEP: Implementation, Fidelity Data, and Progress Monitoring
  • Myths and Misperceptions: A Guide to Help Parents Make Informed Decisions using Accurate Information
  • Getting Your Foot in the Door: Improving Disability Identification and Evaluation Under the Child Find Mandate
  • School Vouchers and Students with Disabilities: Examining Impact in the Name of Choice
  • Learning Through a Lens of Trauma
  • Using Technology to Handle Student Records and Gain the Edge, From Intake Through Hearing
  • Making a Federal Case of It: Accessing Federal Courts to Protect Civil Rights Without Exhausting IDEA Remedies
  • Making Systematic Change in Special Education
Powers Grewal, PLC, is proud to be an active member of the COPAA community. Through strategic alliances with parent groups, advocates, and related professionals throughout the United States, Powers Grewal PLC is equipped to provide effective, skilled and zealous representation of students whose educational rights are marginalized or violated.

For more information about COPPA and membership opportunities, please visit www.copaa.org.


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