Powers Grewal - Highest Rated Juvenile Defense Lawyers in Los Angeles

When it comes to defending the rights of juveniles and minors, no one is better suited than Michelle Powers and Punam Grewal. Powers Grewal, A…

Best Special Education Attorneys in Los Angeles

If your child has an IEP, Powers Grewal can help you get your child the services and placements they deserve and require. Powers Grewal is…

Removing Drug Charges in California

So you got caught with marijuana. It happens to a lot of people but if the right moves are taken, the damage can be minimal.…

Special Education Law Assistance - Ontario

Is your child in need of an Independent Education Program? Are they intelligent but require different services? Are they getting those services? Has your child…

Best Juvenile Defense Attorneys in Los Angeles County

Punam Grewal and Michelle B. Powers are among the highest rated defense attorneys in Los Angeles County. They specialize in juvenile justice, criminal defense and…

19th Annual COPAA Special Education Conference

Powers Grewal is Proud to Attend the 19th Annual COPAA Special Education Conference, in Dallas, Texas (March 2-5, 2017) The Council of Parent Advocates and Attorneys (COPAA)…

IEP Tips for Parents

Tip #1: Know your rights!

The Individuals with Disabilities Education Improvement Act (2004) was enacted by Congress in order to protect the rights of children with…

Best Juvenile Defense Attorneys in Ontario

Punam Grewal and Michelle Powers are recognized as the best juvenile defense attorneys in Ontario and the Inland Empire. Juvenile justice is an interdisciplinary field of…

Removing Drug Felony Conviction - Prop 64 | Marijuana Possession

People caught with marijuana before Proposition 64 went into effect could have felony drug convictions that would follow them throughout life. These convictions could hinder…

How Proposition 57 Can Help - Case Won in Orange County

Recently, Punam Grewal won a case through proposition 57 in Orange County. A 16 year old client's case was successfully moved out of adult criminal proceedings.…


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